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Korean TaeKwonDo Terminology


10th to 8th Keup ~ White/Yellow

Attention        Cha-ryut

Bow               Kyung-yae

Training Hall    Do-jahng

Uniform          Dobok

Belt               Dhee

Counting (1 10)      

1        hana                        6        yuh-sut

2        duhl                         7        il-gope

3        set                           8        yuh-dul

4        net                           9        ah-hope

5        dah-sot                    10       yuhl



7th to 6th Keup ~ Orange/Green 

Ready               Joon-bi

Begin               Shi-jak

End                  Komahn

Back to ready    Baro

Blue                 Chung

Red                  Hong

Friend               Chin-goo

Kick                    Chaegi

Axe kick              Nae-ryuh- chaegi

Front kick            Ahp-chaegi

Side kick             Yope-chaegi

Back kick            Dee-chaegi

Round kick          Dolyuh-chaegi

Spin hook kick     Deedolyuh-chaegi

Push kick            Mirro-chaegi


5th to 4th Keup ~ Purple/Blue 


Middle (body)     Mome

Foot           Bhal

Hand           Sone

Eyes            Noon

Nose           Ko

Mouth          Eep

Fist             Jhoomok

Low/down          Ah-rae   

High (face)        Ol-guel

Block                Mak-gi

Punch               Chi-reugi

Right                Oh-rehn

Left                  When

Counting (11 20) 

11         yuhl hana           16         yuhl yuh-sut

12         yuhl dul              17         yuhl il-gope

13         yuhl set              18         yuhl yuh-dul

14         yuhl net              19         yuhl ah-hope

15         yuhl dah-sot        20         smool



3rd to 1st Keup ~ Brown/Red/Black Stripe

How are you?           Ahnnyung Hashimnika?

Thank you.               Kahm-sa Ham-nida. 

Instructor                Sabumnim           

Stance                    Soggi        

Horse ride stance     Joochoom Soggi   

Front stance            Ahp Soggi   

Forms                     Poomse   

Sparring                  Kyuh-roo-gi

Sit down                 Ahnjuh 

Stand up                 Iruhhh Suh

Switch feet              Bhal Bah-kwaw  

Turn around             Dee-rho Dorah



Face each other    Ja woo young woo 

Break                   Kalyeo  (ga-rhyuh)

Continue              Kyesok

Time out              Shi-gan

Medical time         Kay-shi

Warning               Kyung-go

Deduction            Gahm-jum

Winner                 Seung

Counting (21 30)  

21        smool hana                 26        smool yuh-sut

22        smool dul                    27        smool il-gope

23        smool set                    28        smool yuh-dul

24        smool net                    29        smool ah-hope

25        smool dah-sot              30        suh-ruen


40                        mahune

50                        sheen

60                        yesoon

70                        ilheun

80                        yuh-den

90                        a-hn

100                      beck


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